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Enterprises of DCM SHRIRAM Industries Ltd's endeavour to maintain leadership status by observing norms of excellence in all areas. 


Quality Systems
Highest degree of product specifications and quality standards are maintained by adopting world-class quality systems.  ISO 9000 series certification has been received from RWTUV of Germany and Det Norsk Veritas of Norway.

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Research & Development
Research & Development is a continuous process.  Focus is on maintaining a technological edge through product development, technology upgradation, energy conservation, pollution control, optimisation of resources, and conservation of environment.  Close connection is maintained with research institutions like the Shriram Institute for Indusatrial Research (SRIFIR), Shriram Cane Research Farm, and Shriram Test House.

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Manufacturing units of the Company are like garden factories.  Utmost attention is paid to treatment of effluents, control of pollution, and conservation of environment.  This constitutes a specific target of R&D effort.

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Safety of men, machines & materials has a high priority. One of the units, Shriram Rayons, has won the National Safety Award consecutively for 15 Yrs.

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Human Resource
Emphasis is placed on worker-management partnership... Achieving corporate goals through the cooperation & dedication of all personnel... Motivating them by imparting a sense of involvement, caring & recognition. human_reso.jpg (8193 bytes)
Human resource development, career planning & skill-upgradation are essential parts of the Group's management process.
Quality Of Life
Helping to improve the quality of life of employees is a part of the basic management philosophy of the Company. Facilities like housing, education, healthcare, family welfare, libraries & reading rooms, sports & cultural centres are common features at all units. 

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Social Responsibility
As part of corporate social responsibility, programs are undertaken regularly for community development to improve the living conditions of people in the vicinity of the Company's units.

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