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DCM Shriram Industries  has always been dedicated to meeting their responsibility towards protection of environment and conserving scarce natural resources.  This has prompted us to adopt the following measures :
  • Boilers modified for multi-fuel arrangement and can be run on various renewable fuels, viz., bagasse, rice-husk and eco-friendly bio-gas (methane).
  • Effective flue gas wet scrubbing system using in-house technologies to release pollution free flue gases.
  • ESP's
  • Bio-methanation and secondary Plant set up to obtain eco-friendly bio-gas from distillery effluent, using in-house technologies.
  • Effluent Treatment Plants set up in all factories to not only control discharge of pollutants within prescribed limit but also generates bio gas which is used as a claen fuel in the boilers
  • Green Belt in and around the factory and residential complexes.
  • Minimising energy and water consumption in processess.
  • Yearly Plantation practice
  • Newer technology are adopted to minimise consumption of energy and water in the complex
  • Bio compost plant provides eco-friendly manure to the farmers of the area

It is our policy to maintain the wholesomeness of the environment and preserve the ecosystem.


Health and safety of employees and the public is of paramount importance to us.

  • Shriram Rayons, has won the National Safety Award for 15 Yrs.

  • Organise regular training programmes covering all aspects of safety and hazardous operations.

  • Assessment and elimination of potential hazards/risks to Safety, Health and the environment, supported by regular safety audits and timely implementation and maintenance of safety systems supported by periodic drills and rehearsals.


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